Do You Remember That Grand Vision You Had When You First Started Your Business?

Think for a minute. You wanted more than just a better income. You wanted more out of life. More freedom. More time with your family. More security. And the freedom to work - or not work - whenever you felt like it.

Do you have these things today? Or do you find yourself trapped in your business, wearing too many hats, running from one function to another, working too hard for far too little reward, and feeling like you've got to look after everything, because you can't rely on your employees?

If so, there's a reason for it. When you started your business, you were so wrapped up in the product or service you sell, you never expanded your focus to design a business that could run without you. You are probably technically strong and understand your industry and products/services very well. But that's not enough to run a successful business.

You've also got to be competent in strategy, time management, marketing, sales, accounting, finance, operations, human resources management, customer service and most importantly, leadership. However, you've never freed yourself from the busywork and routines of running your business to gain the knowledge required. And you've probably never developed a game plan for working "ON" your business and not just "IN" it. The result?

Your business can't function without YOU always being there to run it!

Are you constantly frustrated with?
  • Not enough sales and customers
  • Not enough profits
  • Not enough time
  • Working longer hours than your employees
  • The difficulty of finding and keeping good people
  • Can't develop capable managers
  • Inadequate cash flow
  • Business depends too much on you
  • Not enough take home pay
  • Inconsistent operational performance

What is all this costing you, financially and personally? What toll is it taking on your family and your life?

It's as if you started building a car, but got so consumed with keeping the wheels turning, you forgot to build the engine. Now, whenever someone looks under the hood, they find YOU in there - Running, Running, and Running - On A Human-Sized Hamster Wheel! And you're exhausted!

What if, one day, you wanted to sell that car? Who would keep it running? Without you on the wheel, the buyer would have to climb in under the hood and take over! How appealing is that? Do you see the analogy? If your business depends on you (the owner) always running it"¦

You Don't Own A Business - You Own A Job!

And sadly, in spite of the blood, sweat, and tears you've invested in your business, it'll never be worth much to a prospective buyer. Things aren't going to get any better until you apply the powerful concepts that the owners of McDonalds, Blockbuster Video, and Federal Express have used to build businesses that can run without them. Don't worry - you don't have to be a "big business" to make your company run without you. In fact, with our help, more than 10,000 triumphant small business owners (involved in all types of businesses) have used these methods to make their businesses run without them.

You can enjoy more freedom, make more money, have more control over your businesses, and have more time off.

If you're an "owner-on-a-hamster-wheel", you can look forward to this same freedom. Because these methods will transform your business into a "limousine" - powered and driven entirely by others. Once it's built, it can last for decades - without any effort on your part. And it can take you wherever you want to go. You can truly"

Make Your Business Run Without You - Predictably, Efficiently, Flawlessly, and Profitably.

When you apply the 8 Steps to a Better Business® methods you can:

  • "Make your business run like a franchise"
  • "Make your employees eager to give you what you want"
  • "Replace yourself with processes that you can teach to others"
  • "Mine the untapped profit centers hiding in your business"
  • "Design foolproof "systems" that eliminate mistakes and frustrations"

Not only will you enjoy more sales and profit, you'll finally experience the freedom you've worked so hard to achieve. At Growth Advisors, we work with small business owners to teach you the skills and systems required for you to build a successful, profitable business.

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